“The Bosses Crave Kit”


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The “Bosses Crave Kit” is one of the biggest lipgloss kits we offer it will keep you stocked up on your products. You get to choice from multiple colors and be your own creative self. If you’ve been doing lipgloss for a while and I’m your new vendor this is a great Kit to go with or if you just want to step out & go big because YOU KNOW your business will thrive start here 

The “Bosses Crave Kit” all includes

3 8oz Premade Base (The photo only shows 2 jars but you’ll receive 3) (scent/color added) 

55 squeeze tubes 

15 wand tubes (BCrave will choose)

3 60ml syringes/ 6 pipettes 

60 custom labels with your brand on them!

Send logo to email: bcrave20@gmail.com or Just simply add the name in the notes section. 

Hydrating gloss, Cruelty Free, Coconut Oil infused